Invisalign Innovates Systems To Reach Class Ii And Iii Malocclusion

By Stephen Grussmark

CORAL GABLES, SOUTH BEACH AND MIAMI, FLORIDA — New innovations in Invisalign technology continue to dispell the myth that the invisible braces treatment method is reserved for those with only mild alignment issues.

For years, Miami, FL Invisalign Elite Premier Provider Dr. Stephen Grussmark has said there are few orthodontic cases that cannot be treated using the Invisalign technique, and the October launch of Invisalign G3 makes that statement truer than ever.

Invisalign G3 makes it possible for orthodontists to more effectively treat Class II and Class III malocclusion, said Grussmark, whose Miami, FL orthodontics practice is devoted to Invisalign treatment.

Class II malocclusion is an abnormal bite relationship between the upper jaw and lower jaw and the teeth. This commonly is referred to as an overbite, or “buck teeth.” Class III malocclusion involves an incorrect bite relationship in which the lower jaw juts out farther than the upper jaw to create an underbite. Correcting these malocclusion types frequently requires using interarch elastics to provide anchorage control, which was more difficult- but not impossible- to do with Invisalign, Grussmark said.

Prior to Invisalign G3, doctors manually cut the aligners when they wanted to use elastics in conjunction with Invisalign treatment.


Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, created Invisalign G3 Precision Cuts to address that barrier, according to a company press release. Precision Cuts are pre-cuts in the aligners prescribed by the orthodontist that accommodate the use of elastics. Invisalign providers have the flexibility to specify the placement and the type of Precision Cuts on the aligners.

Another aspect of Invisalign G3 is SmartForce features. These include Optimized Attachments, which are designed for increased predictability of certain tooth movements. These features are customized to each tooth using advanced virtual modeling, and are positioned precisely to deliver the appropriate forces.

Another Invisalign G3 SmartForce feature is the Optimized Rotation Attachment for bicuspids. Previously this was available only for cuspids, said Grussmark, a Miami, FL orthodontist.

The Power Ridge feature for lower anteriors previously was available only for the upper arch, and there is a new Lingual Power Ridge feature for upper anteriors. A new variation of the Optimized Rotation Attachment also has been introduced to address clinical situations where attachment placement was difficult.

Finally, new ClinCheck software that is simpler and more intuitive streamlines the treatment planning and review process, the release stated.

“This new software will make it easier for me to modify treatment plans as necessary,” Grussmark said. “Prior to the G3 improvements, it was necessary to individually customize each aligner to accept elastics. The new G3 Precise Cuts are done completely by the computer and allow for more consistency and a smoother, more comfortable fit for the patient.”

Grussmark called these advancements exciting and said they will allow for more customized doctor control over the aligner design process for each patient.

What does that mean for patients?

“I believe this will mean more comfortable, more effective treatment and hopefully, ultimately a quicker turnaround time,” Grussmark said.

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