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Think you have what it takes to fill the stilettoes of a high fashion model? If so, how do you approach a career in one of the most competitive businesses? With thousands of young girls desperate for the chance to strut their stuff in the latest designer clothes aspiring models need to do more than just pout for the camera. Here is a short guide to the fashion industry and some tips on how to get ahead of the pack.

First of all you have to establish if you have the physical requirements. Elite Model management states their model requirements as, aged 13-24, height 58 or above, and a slim, toned body. There are no exact body measurements for models due to all the controversy surrounding size zero models, but designers do prefer slimmer models as the clothes tend to look better. As for facial features different trends appear all the time but a clear, symmetrical face with strong bone structure will help you stand out from the crowd.

When pursuing a career as a model you will need to decide which type of modelling is for you. Here are some examples of the main categories:

Fashion and Catwalk

The holy grail of aspiring models this is the high end of the modelling business. Only very few will rise to the top, expect fierce competition.


This refers to magazine photography and promotion of products, a difficult area to break into but one that will ensure maximum exposure.


Posing for high street brochures and mail order catalogues has niche markets where different body shapes can find work.


This is the promotion of products and includes everything from make-up to oven cleaner. Can be photographic or for television commercials.


Nowadays the term glamour usually refers to topless and pornographic modelling. The models are required to pose in a provocative manner for magazines and websites.

Life/Artist Model

This requires sitting for long periods of time and the model must be able to project themselves in order to inspire the artists. Some nudity may be required.

Once you have decided type of modelling you wish to pursue, you will need to develop a marketing strategy. A modelling agency will prepare your portfolio for you and arrange casting auditions. Reputable agencies will not ask you for money up front and beware of scams which charge extortionate amounts for a portfolio which never gets put forward. If you decide to try freelance modelling you will be responsible for preparing a professional looking portfolio and comp card, a rigid paper showing a clear headshot on one side with a small selection of different poses on the other including your vital statistics. You will be responsible for finding your own jobs and auditions through the Internet or in modelling and entertainment industry newspapers.

Modelling requires more than just beauty, you will need to have the ability to convey different emotions and let your own personality shine through. Hard work and dedication is a must and as many models will be turned away from hundreds of assignments before landing a job, a thick skin is a necessity.

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