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byAlma Abell

Having missing teeth can be very inconvenient for most people. It can not only affect how they look, eat and speak but it can also have a negative impact on how a person feels about themselves as well. Often when a person is dealing with this type of situation involving one or more teeth, they may want to consider speaking to a dentist about dental implants or dental bridges in Riverside to help in correcting the problem.

Both dental implants and dental bridges are designed to help in replacing one or more missing teeth. Implants can be used in various places in the mouth, while dental bridges riverside only work for areas where one or more teeth are missing in a group. Unlike dentures, these types of replacement teeth do not cover the entire mouth but only the areas where gaps are present. This can be a great benefit for many people.

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When deciding between implants or a bridge, a lot of the decision will be based on where the gap in the mouth is. For instance, a person may prefer the stability dental implants can provide for areas such as the front teeth or the back molars for chewing. However, some of the side teeth may do well with dental bridges in riverside.

Another consideration a person will need to spend time thinking about is the cost. Dental implants can be a great choice because they are designed to be more like a person’s natural teeth. This makes them more stable and secure. However, this type of treatment can cost much more than using dental bridges.

In addition, the bonding of the jawbone with the dental implant can take months to complete. This extra time may not always be practical for a patient. Using a dental bridge can help in reducing this extra time.

It is generally best to spend some time speaking to a dentist about the two options before making a decision. A dentist will be able to assess where the bridge or implant will be placed in the mouth and take into consideration the patient’s lifestyle and other concerns. With this information, the dentist will be able to recommend the best treatment option for the patient.

Dental implants or dental bridges can be good ways to replace missing teeth. This can help a patient in resuming their normal activities with confidence and a great smile as well.

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