Dominica Real Estate

By Seth Willis Jr.

The Caribbean island of Dominica, or The Commonwealth of Dominica, is also known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. Dominica should not be confused with the Dominican Republic, they are completely separate nations. It is located in the Eastern

Caribbean Sea and is 288 square miles with a population of 71,242. The beautiful landscape and the temperate climate are two of the things that make Dominica real estate so attractive to investors. Average temperatures in the daytime range from 75?F to 85?F but in the mountains the temperatures are even cooler. July through October marks the rainy season and January through April are the dry season. The island has their hurricane season from September through November.

Dominica real estate can range from the beachfront home to the estate in the mountains. Its natural beauty is a feature that is sought after by those who wish to get back to nature, whether it is in a vacation home, rental property or a fine inland estate. With tourism and agriculture being the mainstays of the island’s economy, Dominica real estate is still somewhat untapped.

Life in Dominica

Relocating to Dominica places you in a life that is not so different from living in the States or Europe. The government is democratically elected, but some of the political parties are not the same as in the States. For instance, the May 2005 elections voted the Labour Party in to a second term of office.

The cost of living in Dominica makes Dominica real estate very appealing because it is comparable and usually lower than living comfortable in the United States. Dominica real estate is very reasonably priced and rental properties and lower than many US properties. Additionally, most supermarkets in Dominica carry most of the same food items as those in the United States and Europe. Finally, Dominica is considered to be one of the safest countries in the Caribbean.

Building, renting and purchasing in Dominica

Dominica real estate is very inexpensive when compared to real estate in the United States. The most common home structure is concrete. The approximate cost for building your own concrete home ranges from $55 to $63 per square foot of living area. The price, of course, can go up, but a home built from wood is generally less expensive.

It does, however, require a great deal of work. Rentals in Dominica are very reasonable and are average or comparable to rent in the United States. The price does increase in certain areas, but the average is around $350 per month.

It would be a real treat to live in such a lush, splendid, mountainous area. A location that is perfect for snowbirds, Dominica is a little paradise tucked away in the Caribbean. Its mild, temperate climate is a major attraction for tourists and home owners alike, although you can expect somewhat heavier rains the farther you go inland. If you are a naturalist and love rain forests, mountains and natural beauty, then Dominica is the home for you.

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