Tips For Being Successful After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Submitted by: Marjorie Salada

Having gastric bypass surgery is a big step and if you have prepared correctly for it, it has taken you a long time. Making the most of this new opportunity to be healthy should be very important to you. In order to make the most of your new life you are going to want to educate yourself as much as possible on what it takes to be successful at in your new life.

The first thing you will need to remember is gastric bypass surgery is not a quick fix. It is a tool that can give you back a healthy and happy life. Every hospital is different, but these are some of the common steps that are followed after gastric bypass surgery.

You get a review of what you will be eating for at least the next two weeks. Most of the information will probably already have been discussed with you, but it is important to follow it.

You will be on liquids, baby food or pureed food for the first two weeks. Then you will transition to soft foods that you will still need to chew well. By the end of two months you should be able to eat most everything, but you will still need to chew that food thoroughly.


The food transition process should be a gradual one. Your stomach is trying to heal from a traumatic experience. You are going to be amazed at first at how little food your stomach is going to hold. Eat slowly and very little to avoid vomiting and overeating. If you eat to much you are going to be in PAIN.

Some other suggestions for eating after gastric bypass surgery are:

Eat 5-6 very small meals a day and try to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. At first, this is going to be a challenge, but it will get easier with time.

Fat and sugar are going to give you your biggest problem. You should not have more than ten grams of sugar at any meal and your fat intake should be about 8 grams. These two things may cause dumping syndrome in some people. Symptoms of dumping syndrome are: the need to use the bathroom quickly, feelings of nausea and feelings of lightheadedness. It will not take you long to find out what foods you are going to be sensitive to.

Some people may not be able to drink carbonated beverages. Water is going to work best. You may also find you are sensitive to hot and cold beverages.

Exercise is very important. Start out slowly with moderate aerobic exercise and then add your strength training later. Your doctor can give you advice on the best types of exercise for you.

Gastric bypass is something that will change your life completely and you will have to adapt to it. A year after the surgery, you will not even recognize the person you were the year before. To be successful at you keeping your weight off, you are still going to have to make lifestyle changes. The changes and sacrifices will allow a new, thinner you to emerge.

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