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British Airways commits to Caribbean flights despite rise in APD and fuel prices


Susan Crown

This year has been a difficult year for airlines in the United Kingdom with the increased Air Passenger Duty and rise in fuel prices but British Airways has reassured customers that it is committed to providing regular services to its range of holiday destinations in the Caribbean.

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The airline provides an array of routes for passengers planning Caribbean holidays and it will continue to offer regular flights to several countries in the region throughout the forthcoming winter and summer months. Holidaymakers will be able to continue planning holidays in the Caribbean and flying with British Airways to idyllic islands including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. British Airways currently services regular scheduled Caribbean routes from London Gatwick with daily flights to St Lucia, Barbados and Antigua during the summer months so that tourists can escape the plummeting temperatures in the UK and head off to tropical landscapes comprising white sandy beaches, lush green parks and turquoise ocean waters, while staying at luxury all inclusive beachfront Caribbean hotels and resorts. In March this year, George Osborne announced in the Budget that Air Passenger Duty (APD) would increase by eight per cent from April 2012. This, together with rising fuel prices, has affected the number of travellers heading to long haul destinations, particularly the Caribbean. APD is calculated according to how far away the capital of a country is from the United Kingdom. Though Florida and Hawaii are located further from the UK, the capital of the United States is New York which is closer than many Caribbean capital cities, so passengers taking flights to the Caribbean are charged more. British Airways head of commercial at Gatwick Airport, Colm Lacy, explained: The fuel cost on flying to the Caribbean is significant. Its the main cost: almost 50 percent of the total. APD is big as well, given it has gone up 360 percent in the last six years. It is completely disproportionate. A family of four pays 324 to fly to the Caribbean [in economy], when flying to Miami it is 260. The Caribbean is unfairly penalised. In 2010, British Airways announced its new routes for holidays to the Caribbean during a conference in Barbados, as well as adding extra aircraft to its fleet in 2011. Weve taken a little capacity out since then, Lacy explained. APD continues to go up. Fuel has gone up. Customers are paying more. Demand has fallen. So we are tweaking capacity, particularly in the summer. Weve done our best to maintain as much as we can in winter.

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British Airways commits to Caribbean flights despite rise in APD and fuel prices

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By David

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By Barbara Jane Radcliff

If you are planning to market your offering at a trade show for the first time, you should keep some important things in mind. For starters, you should ensure that you use effective trade show displays that present your product or service in the most appealing way possible. Your choice of trade show booth, promotional material and how you engage trade show visitors are other aspects you should give careful attention to. Here are some tips for first time participants at trade shows.

Determine your budget

Determining your budget is the first step towards planning your trade show participation. Exhibiting your business at a trade show involves a lot of expenses like renting floor space, costs of displays and booth, as well as transportation and insurance costs. It is important that you narrow down on your budget and choose your preferences within the allocated budget.

Renting floor space

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The cost for renting space for your booth may depend on the amount of space and the prominence of the event. Rental rates can be significantly higher for bigger and reputed trade shows. Depending on your budget, you can choose the floor space that would suffice. You should also ensure that you position your displays within the floor space rented such that they are clearly visibly and catch the attention of visitors immediately.

Use attention grabbing displays and booths

The trade show displays you use should instantly attract the attention of trade show visitors. Use colors and graphics to manipulate visitors’ attention, but also make sure that they don’t distract them or put them off. Also your booth has to be well organized without any clutter. The objective should be to make the product the star attraction of your display. Make your booth visually appealing by using good lighting and design. Use the most effective displays, such as fabric and customized exhibits that create the necessary impact and make your booth stand out.

Your trade show participation will be successful if you have a poorly designed booth. The display design should accommodate the space allotted to your booth. To ensure an effective design, the best idea would be to engage the services of a professional designer. This way your booth design will not look amateurish and cheap. Find the best designer within your budget. A good designer can take your concepts and ideas about your product and make them into visually appealing designs. A little knowledge about graphics can also be useful as it enables you to suggest your own design ideas.

Other tips

Giving away free promotional items to those who visit your booth can be a very useful tactic. You could give away items like coffee mugs, or pens with your company name on them or pen-drives and laptop bags.

Trade shows form an important part of a company’s marketing mix. They open the door to new business opportunities and allow customer interaction on a more personal level. Careful planning and the use of effective trade show displays will go a long way in ensuring success at your upcoming trade show.

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