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By Michael Bryksa

The John Deere lawn tractor is a fine piece of machinery. Ernest Hemingway would’ve been proud of this All-American creation. But the name John Deere is more than just a powerful machine for cutting grass on your front lawn. Behind the popular lawn tractor, John Deere is the name of the now famous American who founded Deere & Company, and created some of the finest lawn tractors and history and sold it to millions of homeowners all over the world.

Who is John Deere?

John Deere started out as a simple person. An American. He was born in 1804 and at the age of 17 was already an apprentice to Capt. Benjamin Lawrence, a famous blacksmith in Middlebury. John Deere worked hard and showed talent for the blacksmith craft. In 1825, John Deere decided to enter the trade himself.

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Two years alter John Deere’s business took a down turn. So he sold it to his father-in-law and moved to Illinois. He easily found work since there were no blacksmiths in the area. It is here in Illinois where John Deere invented his legacy. By 1837, John Deere had manufactured the world’s first cast-steel plow for commercial use. The invention became so popular that by 1841 John Deere was selling 70 to 100 steel plows a year.

Today in Middlebury, Vermont a monument was erected to commemorate the place where John Deere learned the blacksmith trade. The monument reads, ‘The Plow That Broke The Plains’.

John Deere died peacefully in his home on May 17, 1886.

But the man left behind a legacy. For starters, he invented one hell of a machine. Deere & Company, John’s Illinois businesses, manufactures some of the best and finest lawn tractors to date.

For example, the latest John Deere lawn tractor model boasts a powerful 22hp liquid-cooled diesel engine built by Yanmar specifically for John Deere. This makes it possible for the John Deere to support hydrostatic power steering and hydrostatic transmission. The new model also comes with a 54-inch mower decks, a 200RPM mid-body power take-off as well as a three-point Category ‘0’ hitch. No other lawn tractor manufacturer does it like Deere & Company.

The other thing about the new John Deere lawn tractor model is its amazing secondary market scene. If there’s anything a John Deere fanatic knows about John Deere lawn tractors, it is their strong secondary market value. John Deere lawn tractors have always had a strong appeal towards secondary buyers. Knowing this, Deere & Company started fitting their models with a mileage counter to help aid used John Deere lawn tractor buyers. One look at the gauge should tell you how often the lawn tractor was used by the previous owner.

If you live in a house with a front lawn, you can’t go wrong with a John Deere lawn tractor. It is a big investment, sure, but every cent on the price tag is well worth your dime. John Deere is after all a legend in his own right.

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