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5 Savvy Ways Solopreneurs can Stand Out from their Competition through Online PR


Jason Okuma

As a solopreneur, you are more than likely wanting to become the best you can in your chosen field of expertise, and Online PR and Personal Branding can help you tremendously with that much needed search engine optimization, and although the competition is really stiff out there, the chances of your personal brand being found will be raised dramatically. Many successful people just like you, are constantly trying to find ways to make themselves more visible online, and are following 5 personal branding tips that are recommended to all solopreneurs wanting to improve their personal brand development, which in turn, will improve their chances against all the competition they face.

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1. Facebook is a social media outlet that has become one of the best networking sites in the online world, as almost everyone, globally, has an facebook account, which means that if you have an account there is a very great possibility that you, and your business can become well known. Make sure to create a business account, which is separate from your personal Facebook account.2. A personal branded blog, where you can write everything about yourself, your field of expertise, and your business. This allows people to research you first, before doing business with you, so the more information you make available to them, the more they will like and trust you.3. LinkedIn is another great professional social networking resource site, and is known to give you a very good ranking position on the search engines. By filling in keywords about yourself and as much as possible about your skills and your business, you will become much more visible on the Internet. By simply typing in a keyword, thousands of people around the world over will be able to find you and all there is to know about your business. A LinkedIn account is free, so if you have not signed up yet, do so immediately.4. Some find a profile image to be less important, but it is probably the first step to online branding. Make sure to put a consistent image or logo on every profile you have on the Internet, as this will also help people to see you as a real person. It is also necessary to be consistent, because it is one definite way of branding yourself online, as well as making it easier for people to recognize you at first glance.5. Keeping a portfolio of your skills or services will also help you to become more known in your field of expertise, because a portfolio showcases everything about you, and allows potential customers to see the work you have done in the past. The best place to put this at is on your personal branded blog or website.These are simple techniques for Online Personal Branding, and are absolutely free, but will require time, patience, and a lot of effort on your part. This should become a part of your daily routine to ensure that you reap the full benefits of all your hard work.

Jason Okuma is the Founder of MindsetAndMarketing.com, a resource website for Coaches, Trainers, Authors, Speakers, Consultants and Solo-Preneurs. Jason Okuma is passionate about equipping entrepreneurs with Personal Branding and Online PR Strategies learned from his extensive experience in Hollywood PR and Celebrity Branding. Get free tips and resources on Personal Branding and Online PR for you and your business at www.PersonalBrandingPR.com

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5 Savvy Ways Solopreneurs can Stand Out from their Competition through Online PR}

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By Mike OBrien

An accredited online degree provides students a unique opportunity to study a course of their choice through distance learning. An accredited online degree is certified and hence provides students the educational recognition they strive to achieve. Whether it is a high school education, an online bachelor degree or a master degree online that a student wishes to pursue it is possible to attain the same through online education.

What is an Accredited Online Degree?

Accredited online degree programs are validated by accrediting agencies on the basis of various factors such as the institute that offers it, its aims and objectives, quality of education, faculty, resources available and student support. Usually such agencies are non-governmental, but are selected by a criteria set by the government. Accreditation allows one to judge the quality of online education provided by an online college or online university by comparing it with established standards. There are national as well as regional accrediting agencies.

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Online Accredited Degree Programs

From a basic high school education to higher education programs such as business administration online accredited degrees, nursing degree online, accounting accredited degree online and accredited degree online psychology can be done from an online college or an online university. In fact it is also possible to complete doctorate accredited online courses. So whatever level of education you seek, a variety of subjects are offered by accredited degree programs online. A professional accredited online degree can be pursued at the student’s own time and pace and ensures that the student’s efforts and success are recognized.

Advantages of an Accredited Online Degree Program

An accredited online degree program is recommended over a course that is not recognized or validated as it provides the student’s knowledge recognition and certification. In today’s world having practical knowledge and experience is not enough, in order to succeed in one’s professional life it is crucial to have a recognized degree to one’s credit. An accredited online degree provides proof of the fact that the student has completed the online education and has been assessed with standardized procedures.

Online education provides those students who don’t have the time, money or the inclination to do on-campus college accredited degrees, a chance to study the same, but with flexibility in terms of time and effort. It is an ideal option for those who wish to study while working or doing a training program or you may even wish to earn your accredited online degree along with an on campus one. The versatility and flexibility offered by accredited degrees online cannot be underestimated as students can do them and utilize them as per their situation. We can assist you with finding the right master degree online which will help you start a new career or improve your standing in your current position.

You can earn an accredited online degree, an associate degree on line, a college degree on line and even do a doctorate degree on line. Irrespective of the level of education you seek or the program that holds your interest, you will find many an online university that offers accredited degree programs.

Whether it is business administration accredited online courses, criminal justice accredited online courses, a degree online nursing, career course in education or degree online masters, college accredited degrees assure students of the quality of education, resources and support that they shall receive whilst earning an accredited online degree.

In the pursuit of higher education with an online college or online university, it is essential that students opt for an accredited online degree program that assures them of superior quality of education and recognition of their efforts.

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By David Akins

Creative advertising ideas are essential to the success of any marketing plan. In order to leave a lasting and memorable impression on thousands of potential customers, outdoor advertising must clearly and concisely express your message and that message must support your brand image. There are many options to choose from when it comes to advertising supplies and services. When you investigate the credentials and experience of a marketing or advertising firm be sure and find out if they have an advertising promotional specialty. For example, a well-established, outdoor advertising company would be the best choice if you want to execute a powerful and successful outdoor advertising campaign.

Be Unforgettable: Creative Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Outdoor advertising can take many forms. You can drive a company car and have it custom painted with your company logo and contact information. You can execute a billboard campaign locally, regionally or nationally. Some businesses prefer to paint a mural on their storefront or participate in the local holiday parade by building or sponsoring a float. You can purchase or rent a huge promotional balloon or invest in producing a promotional event to attract new potential customers to your place of business.

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Originality is the Key: Give Your Creative Outdoor Advertising Competition a Run for the Money

Originality is the most important creative strategy in advertising. In America today consumers are bombarded by so many types of media, you don’t want to just grab their attention — you want to keep their attention. This will help you maintain your competitive edge and become profitable over the long term. One example of this is car dealer advertising. Car dealers often have commercials that are redundant and consistently present similar images. For instance how many times have you seen a truck, SUV or jeep driving through the desert or forest, crossing mountains and rivers in a commercial? It may have been a creative advertising idea the first time a car dealer promotion featured it, but now it is commonplace and predictable. Car dealers now are searching for something new that will set them apart from the rest. Plan a holiday event where a portion of the day’s profits benefits a charity and use this as part of your holiday advertising strategy. You may also consider running a car dealer promotion with advertising balloons to announce the event and draw in the public.

Emotional Branding: How Do Your Customers Feel?

Creative advertising ideas can be successful and profitable, but they must also be emotional. It is essential that every company think about how they want their customers to feel. If your company brand evokes emotions like loyalty, satisfaction, security, excitement or comfort it can generate much faster growth. Creative outdoor advertising can help you establish the brand image you need to attract and keep your best clientele.

Creative advertising ideas are a great way to refresh your company brand and invite new potential customers to your doorstep. Whether you own a gas station or a clothing store, whether you need to enhance your car dealer advertising or the marketing plan for your hospital, creative outdoor advertising can be the answer. Just remember, it is important that you complete the proper market research and create a tracking plan to monitor the success of the outdoor advertising campaign. For more information on creative outdoor advertising visit http://www.BalloonCountry.com.

About the Author: David Akins has owned and managed balloon companies since 1986. More companies in need of creative outdoor advertising solutions are using balloons to attract sales. Akins believes in being very responsive to his customer base. Visit ballooncountry.com or email sales@ballooncountry.com

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byAlma Abell

No one like the idea of going to a couple’s counselor, but at times it may be the best way to save or renew your relationship. Working through your issues is an important part of a healthy relationship, and couples counseling is there to help you work through the issues. So, how can you know when you may need to consider couples counseling in Minnetonka?

You Feel Your Partner Should Change

If you are having issues in a relationship and you feel that they would all go away if your partner changed, then it may be time to talk to a therapist. You should always communicate with your partner, but a therapist can help you establish this communication. You should never assume the problem is one-sided. A couple’s therapist will help you see through any biases and see both sides of the situation so you and your partner can move forward.

You Have the Same Arguments

Having the same argument time and time is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Often this is because of one person’s “triggers” or certain things that upset them more than it would someone else. Examples may be dirty dishes in the sink or laundry being left out. These are small things to most people but can be extremely irritating to others. If you tend to go off about something like this, then your partner may not understand why. A therapist will help you get to the root of the issue and move on. It may be a simple misunderstanding or lack of communication, but if you want to make sure your relationship is the best it can be then you need to work on any issues.

There are several reasons to seek couples counseling, but if you are committed to the relationship, then it is worth the time. Couples counseling can help you figure out the problems in your relationship that are causing issues and move past them to form a healthier one.

If you are seeking couples counseling in Minnetonka, contact River Ridge. You can learn more about them on their website at www.riverridgemn.com.