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Learn how to build up your group through unorthodox team building exerices


Angel Chen

Bringing a team together is challenging. Different personalities, different interests, ambitions, values, and skills are likely to clash. Your job as team leader is to make the group as seamless as possible in the way it works. You want to turn difference and diversity into strength. Trust is the starting point for all group cooperation and collaboration. But you can’t get people to trust each other if they know nothing about each other. Team-building exercises can change help you meet the latter challenge. Doing exercises and planning company outings NYC will help the people in your team feel more relaxed in each other’s company. It will give them the kind of familiarity that is needed to make the group work effectively and productively.

People are most impressed with the unexpected. Doing something fun yet different will get everyone into the spirit of things and will have the desired effect. One of the best ways, and perhaps the only proven way, to get people to relax is to make them laugh”either at themselves or at one another. Humor is the key to unlocking trust.

If you gather a bunch of strangers together, they will be nice and polite and civil to one another. A team lunch, for example, will lead people to talk shop or perhaps make a few comments about their background. But real connections are unlikely to be made in such a setting. It will feel like a business event and they will act accordingly.

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To forge the bonds of trust you must get people to lower their barriers, to let people who they’ve only known a few minutes into who and what they really are. That is why you should plan an unorthodox team-building event. Do something that will ensure that everyone on your team leaves talking about how much fun they had.

This is not a job you should undertake yourself. You should put it into the hands of trained professionals. There are a number of vendors who specialize in company outings NYC, and who have particular expertise in unorthodox team-building exercise. They are the only ones to be trusted with this kind of thing. You want it to come off without a hitch.

The event is one that should take place away from the office. Indeed, the least familiar the surroundings the better. It should be long enough to be effective and short enough not to bore everyone to death. Most importantly, it should be well-organized and efficiently run, so that your people’s attention is kept constantly engaged.

The people you trust to run it should have a record of getting results. You are willing to invest in a team-building exercise but you should be able to do so in a way that is well within your budget. You should also ensure that the events company you work with has an understanding of the appropriate and the inappropriate.

Building your newly designated team into a formidable and efficient work group is your top priority. You should hire the right people to get this job done.

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