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If you find playing the piano interesting, the fundamental is to learn the chords first. This is the basic method for you to learn quickly and the best way for you to learn how to play this magnificent instrument. And not everyone has the leisure of time to spend on learning this instrument. And if this also pertains to you, the best way is for you to first learn the piano chords.

One of the most important to start is, for you to get some instruction manual or videos. There are lots of it available at the music store, always remember that notes made up the chords, so if you learned the chords you will also learn different notes as well. Some people have the notion that it takes years how to play, but it is not the case, it s easy to learn the piano yourself within months if you will motivate yourself and exert time to learn the chords.

If you have all the instruction materials, all you have to do is to learn the chords, you must give an effort to practice every day and never allow yourself to be bored even though you will be playing the same chords repeatedly. It is the only way for you to master it and to allow your hands to learn the proper positioning.

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After mastering the chords it s time to give music sheets a try. Do not focus on just a single chord. You must master all the other chords so that you may be able to play the songs you want. If you are not able to master all the right chords in piano you will not be able to play songs in a perfect rhythm. All traditional pianos consist of 88 keys, but if you prefer the electric key boards, you will notice that it has fewer keys.

In learning alphabet you always start with letter a, in piano the chord c is usually the first chord that you have to learn, and later on you will be able to learn the other chords. The white keys on the piano are the chords C, D , E ,F, G, A and B. These notes also make up the chord C. You will find your instruction manuals and piano chord poster handy; You will find everything you need to know about chords and notes with the use of this aid s.

One of the essentials is to master the notes that make up each chord and the chords themselves as well. One of the most important factors is to memorize the right notes and eventually everything would come out naturally, And presto! You will be playing without exerting too much effort.

Visit your favourite music store and buy yourself a good instruction material that would soothe your needs, You may choose from various materials such as videos, computer software s, guidebooks, chord charts and many more it depends on your preference. Learning is investing and it is worth it, for in the long run it will help you to play piano easily. Just make sure to focus on those chords and always bear in mind that practice makes perfect.

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