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Latest Design in Diamond jewellery



Diamond jewellery is considered as one of the most precious jewellery as it is designed by well-known designer. Diamond jewellery – Diamond precious stone jewellery , silver, precious stone, gem pendants and rings” allows the designer and craftsmen to convey their creativeness and achieve precisely the result that they desired. The charm and class that comes with every piece of jewellery gives a sense of fulfillment to the designers when he recognizes the grin on the customers face.

Nowadays, you need not go to a jewellery store or to the stores of some of the very well-known jewellery cluster in order to buy designer jewellery. You can find designer jewellery in precious stone, silver precious stone and gem pendants. Even price is not a factor, and some designer jewellery products are sold because of their affordability a less expensive price for the same high quality product.

We all love gemstones and there is no doubting the fact that precious stone is girls best friend. But, sometimes it so happens that we are not in position to spend on expensive jewellery. So, what do we do? End up with no jewellery at all.

Great jewellery gives you a sophisticated look and supplies a wonderful look. New styles move out now and then, and new patters take place of the older ones. Diamond is very close to the heart of every woman, that’s why it has become very well-known that jewellery developing is in the fashion these times.

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Latest Design in Diamond jewellery:-

Vintage motivated pieces:

This jewellery follows the styles of the Edwardian, Victorian and art deco times and it loves special position among lot of trustworthy customers of jewellery, and it’s not amazing, that at the moment, it is one of the most popular jewellery. With fine structural styles of the art, deco times added by flower pizza of the Edwardian era with Victorian pendant makes it look super stylish. Multi padded jewellery are said to be motivated by the Elegant wedding of Elegant prince Bill and Queen Kate.

Fanciful blossoms and wonderful moons:

In the present era, styles of blossoms in precious stone look pretty hot and they are very well-known these times. Yellow-colored precious stone flowers, jewelled bugs, butterfly pizza with sparkles are with the present economic fashion. They have motivated many new styles and they have motivated the advancement in the field of jewellery style. Necklaces, wristbands with astrology symptoms are in popular demand and girls go absolutely nut products for them.

Diamond Brooches:

This is something that can change your style quotient according to the need. Whether going as segments with your hair or talk up your breast or maybe, including sparkles to your informal coat, brooches are the aspect to go for. The actual them is that they are fit for informal wear. Going to the flea market, a film or a informal date, brooches just provide you with the participating look.

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byAlma Abell

Many plumbing problems can be dealt with during normal business hours, but when a pipe starts gushing water uncontrollably at 3AM, you won’t want to wait for a company to open to get it taken care of. That’s one of the scenarios in which it’s much better to quickly call an emergency plumber in Birmingham, AL to get the problem fixed.

When a pipe bursts, a faucet refuses to shut off, or some other issue causes water to come out in great volume when you don’t want it to, you should try to stop the flow at a valve behind the problem area yourself while waiting for the plumber. This won’t restore your ability to use the fixtures that are normally fed by the faulty pipe, but it can stop the area from flooding. If you can’t work the valve or you can’t find it, you’ll have to wait for the professional. Therefore, you should be sure to choose one that is really able to send technicians 24/7.

Unexpected torrents of water aren’t the only reason to call an Emergency Plumber in Birmingham, AL. Companies that are open all night often need to get standard plumbing problems fixed during that time. A clogged toilet can very well be an emergency for a restaurant or retail store that normally has customers late into the night, and an all-night restaurant will certainly consider it an emergency if their kitchen sink develops a problem at any hour.

As this shows, the definition of an emergency varies depending on the other circumstances involved. Therefore, an emergency plumber must be prepared for many situations. A call could involve anything from a clogged drain to a municipal water main break and everything in between. The only thing such a plumbing service can be sure of is that if it gets a call during the off-hours, it will involve a problem. People generally don’t call at 11PM or so to get a new faucet installed for a remodeling project.

Since all-hours plumbers do expect problems to be on the other end of a late-ringing phone, they will arrive equipped to deal with them. Therefore, if you hire a company that is truly equipped for emergencies, you can rest assured that everything will be working well again in short order.

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Submitted by: Ivan Liu

Light, radiant and magnificently curved necklace surrounding the neck covering the neck bones can create a certain mystic magic. The magic that the necklace in combination with other jewelry wades is enough to turn others spell bound while making you the cynosure of the party. The most mentionable of all the jewelry is the necklace that has its origin right from the dawn of civilization. And this remains to be appealing even to workingwomen, today. The metals, stone and materials used to make such charming necklaces have changed with time and has also altered with the taste of women. Once domesticated, now liberal and free workingwomen are striving for space that is exclusively confined for them. They are fashion conscious and had brought a huge change in their selection process. Though the core concept for designing a necklace for her remains same but the ingredients and presentation have changed. Precious stones and glittering rare metals have been put at bay by the present day necklaces made up of ceramics, stones and plastics. They are affordable yet fashionable and have the trendy look that the women mostly woo at. A series of these necklaces can well tell the tale of modernity woven by traditional artistic skills.

Vivace jewelry is a complete collection of all sorts of jewelries. Ceramic beads of bayside blue and ash color placed irregularly behind one another can look dashing if put on with suit or with any casual wear. The combination of black and white is said to have an inner significance as black and white ceramic necklace goes well with black suit or any black casuals. The confidence would automatically get an outlet through this get up, which symbolizes that evil is present in everyone just as God. This necklace with black triangular pattern can also go well with black cardigans so as with other black winter wears. The black and red combination can be very attractively presented and the necklace of its kind has proved this. Each time 3 black ceramic beads hang down from the nickel free chain, they look up to the bigger but single red spherical ceramic bead that has cherry like appearance but hanging from the same source. The black and white curvy necklace falsifies the prejudice that gold can be curved best into necklace. It is now the ceramics that are ruling the womens heart and the use of this necklace at working places over the black sweaters have hyped its importance. It is the ceramics with which the jewelry designers of various countries are playing to create some of the exquisite items that can simply rock any woman with its beauty and style.

Pearls have sophistication of its own and when they are beaded into a necklace, it becomes an excellent casual wear. Though it is difficult to make the selection between the original and cultured pearl still to be on the safer side it is better to select the cultured pearl as they are also no less in reflecting charm and beauty. Apart from all these type pf decorative necklaces you can also get simple diamond necklace and those made up of other precious stones. Most of these necklaces that you get to see round you come with earrings and bangles as sets. Some prefer to buy sets while others stick to single piece purchase.

Necklace often makes for a great gift idea for the near ones. In fact you can also get few of those from them who are aware of your passion for necklace. The fashion designers at times design dresses according to the in-trend designer jewelry in the market. A well-chosen necklace or rather any jewelry is a lifetime asset and you need to take care of it, diligently. Each nation has its respective skill and thus the tale of jewelry is incomplete without the mention of Italy that is extremely keen at structuring gold jewelry. Thus, the necklaces created by the Italian designer have been acclaimed worldwide. Geometric shapes, cold colors and luminating designs are combined to create these excellent necklaces that are appreciated by women not only in US but also in the other parts of the world.

This traditional attire has now taken the shape of a fashionable jewelry that is designed in such a manner that it can be worn with casuals or traditional and formal wears. Needless to say, the seasons do have a significant role in our life and mood and this is well reflected through the type of ornaments and necklaces women wear. Among all other jewelries, necklace comes into sight first from the onlookers point and thus creates an impression about the woman wearing it. The name, shape, style of necklace is changing. Though most of the time you get the old wine in a new bottle, still they look attractive. Innovation always has an edge over the imitation and so women at large experiment themselves with different creative materials that make them look beautiful. With the innovation of various types of cheap and attractive metals it is now so easy to look elegant without the fear of losing them. Those of you who often move out for work can make your look complete with the imitation necklace that matches with your dress. Workingwomen can also try out the exotic ones made of ceramics and plastics. Some people also buy the beads themselves and then arrange them at regular and irregular intervals on the threads or on the chains of gold and silver. The hand made jewelries are valued more as they have lesser chance of becoming common due to its uniqueness.

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Submitted by: Ethan Walker III

We arrived in Brazil at the capital city Brasilia around 6:30 am. The flight was an all-night red-eye special out of Atlanta. It took 3 movies plus 45 minutes. I thought I would sleep on the plane but that didnt happen. As we walked out of the baggage area we were met by our guide html:// and the taxi she had procured for the trip to Abadiania. This is where we would meet John of God and the Beings of Light who work through him.

The drive to Abadiania was delightful and took about 90 minutes. There was one McDonalds on the way but other than that no chain stores were to be found. No other fast food shops but quite a few entrepreneurs had set up tents along the road in Brasilia. They were peddling sodas, edibles and snacks.

Abadiania is a small town of 15,000 people. It is not uncommon to see a horse drawn cart rolling down the street or chickens roaming about having temporarily escaped from their yards. Roosters start crowing around 3 am and they are legion.

After our hour and a half trip from the airport, we arrived at Luz Divina the Pousada (hotel) that was to be our home for the next two weeks. Luz Divina means Divine Light. These are not hotels like we would imagine. Luz Divina has about 35 rooms total. There is a dining hall that is open to the outdoors on 2 sides with a roof. It doesnt get cold enough here to require enclosing it. There is a gorgeous courtyard with lots of tropical plants, trees and flowers and a fountain burbling along in the corner. There are hammocks, tables and chairs in this courtyard and we eat most of our meals outdoors.

On Wednesday we go to the Casa (where the healing is done). The Casa is often called a spiritual hospital because the Beings of Light are working on a soul or spiritual level. We are all dressed in white. This is advised so the Beings of Light can more clearly view our aura, spirit and internal functions. We meet in the dining room at 6 am and then walk to the Casa arriving about 6:30. It is a short 5 minute walk.

The healing session with John of God doesnt begin until about 8 am but we want to be there early so we can get a seat in the general assembly hall. The hall is not very big holding about 200 people. We will have to stand if we dont get there early. There are several categories of lines that form. There is a first-time line, a second-time line, a spiritual surgery line, and a revision line. The second time line is for people who have been treated by the Beings of Light previously; either through seeing them directly or by having a photo presented for herbs. The revision line is where you go before the Being of Light to let him assess the results of your surgery whereupon he may prescribe additional surgery or other treatment such as more blessed herbs, crystal light table or standing under the sacred waterfall.

The first group of people to file into the room where John of God sits are not going to approach the Being of Light. They will sit in current. They are required to sit for the entire duration of the morning or afternoon session usually 2 to 4 hours. Their eyes must remain closed and hands and feet must not touch. These people hold the current or light energy to facilitate the presence of the Beings of Light and their healing work. Some of the people in the current room wear eye masks to eliminate accidental peeking as this breaks the current. Some have matched male and female crystals in their hands with special blue socks over them because no one else should be allowed to see the crystals. Some have their shoes off so they are grounded to the earth via the concrete floor.

The first day I am in the second-time line because my guide had previously presented my photo to the Beings of Light in October when John of God was in New York. After about ten minutes in this line, I arrive in front of John of God – or more precisely, in front of the Being of Light that is inhabiting John of God that day. There are 38 different Beings who inhabit John of God but only one at a time. When this occurs, John of God goes into a sleep like state and does not remember anything that happens. This is known as being a full-trance medium. Edgar Cayce was also a full-trance medium.

I hand the interpreter my list of 3 things to be healed. I and two other women in our group are all in this line. My guide instructs us that when we get in the line we should work to position one or two other people between us. This is so our guide has time to help us as we approach John of God. John of God gives the other two women prescriptions for crystal light bed treatments and/or so many sacred waterfall visits in which one stands under the waterfall for a minute or so. I was told to come back at 2 pm (when the afternoon session begins) for an operation. The other two women came back the next day and got in the surgery line and were given operations for their ailments. By surgery we mean spiritual surgery they did not volunteer for a physical surgery.

The room where John of God is sitting is one room but it makes an L shape. When we come into the first room we cant see John of God until we go around the corner of the L. The bulk of the space in the rooms is occupied by people sitting in current. The rooms are well appointed with large statues of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, St. Ignatius (the patron saint of the Casa), St. Francis and others.

There are several enormous crystals up by where John of God sits. They are maybe 3 or 4 feet high and perhaps a foot or two in diameter. After John of God leaves the building, many people come up to these crystals for a session they place their hands on the crystals and close their eyes to feel the energy. It is said that the Casa sits on top of one of the largest subterranean crystal beds in the world and they are mined there. Brazil is full of crystals and other gemstones. Some of the best opals come from Brazil.

I am there at 2 pm in the surgery line. When it is time, we file into the L shaped current / John of God room. We go past John of God and into an adjoining room. Here we sit in pews for about 45 minutes. There are probably 50 people in addition to myself sitting in this room for their surgery. As I was sitting in this room, eyes closed, hands and feet not touching, I felt something fall into my lap hitting on the part of my thighs about 8 inches below my torso upper thighs in other words. It was so tangible that I instinctively grabbed at it with my left hand and looked down to see the object. But nothing was there. These kinds of occurrences are normal and quite common. It can be a feeling of heat or someone touching you or one can see lights. At the end of the surgery session, John of God comes in the room and announces in Portuguese (the Being of Light inhabiting his body announces) that the surgeries are complete. During these surgeries there are hundreds of Beings of Light working on the people in the room.

After the surgery, I go straight to a taxi and back to my room. I am to remain in bed for 24 hours. Then for 8 days, no lifting anything and I use a large hat or umbrella to avoid direct sunlight. Also, all surgery persons get a prescription for blessed herbs enough for about two months. Treatment at the Casa seeing the Being of Light and getting the surgeries is free and on a donation basis. No one ever asks for money or passes a plate. After a surgery one is to avoid any sexual energy for 40 days. While taking the blessed herbs, there is no alcohol, no black pepper or spicy chili peppers and no fertilized eggs.

All blessed herbs are made of passion flower. When you get a prescription for them, the Beings of Light impress your herbs with an energetic healing matrix that is unique to you.

On most Casa days, John of God (actually one of the Beings of Light) will do one or more physical surgeries on a short stage at the front of the general assembly hall. These are done on a volunteer basis. So far I have seen two eye surgeries where John of God takes a scalpel and scrapes the corneas of the patients. Today I saw him push an 8 inch long hemostat straight into the nostril of the patient. Once the hemostat is fully inserted, John of God twists it around and around 7 or 8 times. These visible surgeries are usually eye scrapings, hemostats up the nose or actual incisions made on the body of the patient. In the latter case, John of God will often stick his fingers in the incision and pull out flesh. Then a stitch or two closes the wound. Sterile protocol such as sterile gloves or sterile instruments is never used yet no one ever gets an infection or feels pain from the surgery. Most of these surgeries are usually done with the patient leaning against the wall at the back of the hall. It is stated that visible surgeries are really not necessary but are performed to increase the faith of those in attendance.

The grounds of the Casa are beautiful with a spectacular view of the countryside. There are many benches and sitting places and people are here meditating or just feeling the energy. Each day of the healing sessions (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) blessed soup is served around 10 am. This is blessed by the Beings of Light and is offered to all at no charge. On Tuesdays, many people show up to volunteer to chop vegetables for this soup. We did this last Tuesday.

There is a French lady that lives next to us and she has made her home into a restaurant which is open 3 days a week. She serves entree crepes, salads, coffee and desert crepes. I and my girlfriend ate there and it was absolutely wonderful. We ate in her back yard which is a lush tropical garden. She said she went to John of God for several years and was totally healed. She said this a couple of times like it was a big deal it was clear that it was something serious like cancer or M.S. After that, she decided to move to Abadiania and live permanently.

I am seeing improvement on all three ailments I presented to the being of light. After 2 weeks had passed from my surgery I went before the Being of Light (John of God) and asked what was next. I was told to have a treatment on the Crystal Light Bed. We shall see how my healing develops. I still have about 4 weeks to go on the blessed herbs I received along with the surgery.

About the Author: Ethan Walker has been a student of alternative healing methods for over 45 years. Go here to learn more about

. An excellent book on this subject is John of God: Journey to the Spirit World –


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