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Watering Lawns in Toronto


Ryan Patingson

Canadian homes are known for their exotic architecture. Spacious rooms, beautiful interior and lovely green gardens are just some of the features that express the magnificence of Canadian homes. Having beautiful lawns is an excellent way to design your home but maintaining those lawns to ensure the beauty of your exteriors remains intact is an equally tough task. After all, a lawn full of weeds makes your property an eyesore. Apart from the regular trimming of your garden; lawn care involves regular water supply to your plants. Previously people used the age old garden hose to water their plants. But with the recent developments you have the superbly convenient lawn sprinklers available in the market. In fact the newer versions of the sprinklers come installed with timers. All you need to do is install one in your garden and the sprinkler waters your garden regularly at the same time.

A lawn sprinkler is based on the fixed base watering method used to maintain gardens. Installing a sprinkler does require an additional investment. However the long term returns of using a sprinkler are worth every penny of the investment. The previously used garden hose may seem cheaper however its usage is much more complicated and time consuming. With a garden hose you have to travel the length and width of your lawn. But the sprinkler uses its motor and is able to distribute the water evenly across the garden from its point of installation. In addition to this, a lawn sprinkler is automatic so you do not have to personally take out time and attend to the watering of your lawn.

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For normal gardens a simple lawn sprinkler can do the needful however for larger gardens you should use the underground sprinkler. Another advantage with sprinkler systems in Toronto is their auto pilot feature. Imagine you being out on a vacation and there is nobody to tend to your lawns. You will end up losing your lovely garden in no time. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn t it? But it s not that scary if you are using a lawn sprinkler system. Activate the auto pilot feature and your lawn will be watered at fixed intervals irrespective of your presence.

A lawn sprinkler can work well for commercial and residential areas. After all, even office gardens need regular watering. Using a sprinkler helps you look after your garden better. Sometimes people also decorate their well maintained gardens using features like landscape lightening. The garden may be well looked after but if the lighting under which it is being viewed is not proper, your efforts will be wasted. Landscape lightening uses moderate amounts of light to highlight your exteriors including the garden. Investing effort in maintaining your garden is not enough. Making sure that this effort is beautifully displayed is also of equal importance and landscape lighting helps you do exactly that.

So, it s time you hang the old fashioned hose and experience the superior service of lawn sprinklers in Toronto. After all, we must invest time and effort in maintaining our gardens.



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