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The Job of a Mold Remediator


George Everest

When you return from a business trip over seas to find your basement has flooded, and quite nicely by the look of it, and has been growing black mold for the past week – the mold remediator is your best friend. It’s his job to clean up all that hazardous mess and remove what simply cannot be saved. It’s important to use a certified professional for this type of work because although not all strands of mold are deadly some can be quite dangerous – especially if the spores are concentrated and inhaled (like in say, a basement.) A trained technician will have the appropriate breathing and cleaning equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. To better understand the job of the mold remediator let’s try to understand what he’s up against.

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Water damage is one of the most destructive forces known, whether it is torrential rain, river flooding, storm surge or even a plumbing accident water can wreak havoc on your home. Well mold is the insulted added to injury, after destroying parts of your home now you’re in a race against time to dry things out before mold spores (some concentration is always present) take hold and begin to grow in the newly advantageous conditions the water damage has created. It’s an easy battle to lose, especially if the initial water damage occurs when the occupants are away or, shall we say, more concerned with life and limb than mold growth. Once mold takes hold, it’s the job of the mold remediator to remove and repair the damage. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the exact situation. One major factor will be what surfaces are contaminated with mold and how long the mold has had a chance to grow. Unfortunately most modern building materials such as dry wall and ply-wood are highly susceptible to mold growth when water is allowed to infiltrate into them. They do make special kinds of both dry wall and plywood that are more resistant, generally they’re not worth the added cost unless you’re finishing your basement or expect to throw wild keggers all the time. Properly constructed though neither of those situations would actually dictate the usage of those expensive specialty materials, if anything it may be a sign that proper drainage and or ventilation is not in place. In a basement though, there is always the chance a flood or sub pump failure could cause problems and you may be lucky and your home builder could’ve invested in those water resistant materials, just in case. Either way there is a chance of damage depending on how long water was in contact. If sitting water has been in contact with your average building material for even a short time it will be quickly absorbed and mold growth will no longer be limited by a lack of moisture, only temperature can is likely to stop rampant growth, If the water damage is from a burst pipe in the winter you might actually be in luck! Otherwise, it’s unlikely. A qualified mold remediator will be able to remove all the surface mold present and dispense with any standing water but if the water has soaked completely through you will likely need to buy some new items. In the long run, this is for the best. Removing this damaged material would be part of the job but don’t forget to get a qualified inspector in before anything new is built. If the materials were water resistant they may look hopelessly damaged but chances are they can actually be returned to an almost pristine condition. After the materials have been properly cleaned and standing water removed the final step a mold remediator will take is, to help prevent the return of any mold, will be both to dehumidify and filter the air. The dehumidifying is straightforward; you may have a system in your basement now which performs this task. These can be rented and it’s advisable to get a size or two larger than normal and run it for at least two weeks. Remember, you want it as dry as possible down there. We’re trying to kill or at least force any remaining spores into hibernation. Filtering the air should be done in two basic ways, an HEPA type filter and a UV filter. UV filters will kill remaining viable spores while the HEPA filter will capture the detritus of mold which can be quite toxic, ensuring the air quality within the home is healthy. A quality mold remediator will either offer you this service, or make sure you’re aware of the steps necessary – it’s not brain surgery but it’s vital that be done for at least two weeks. Think of this like an antibiotics run for your mold infection, completing the full course is vital.

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By Jason Kay

There is no shortage of different types of resume builders available to the average job seeker. If you’re looking for a web-based resume builder that’s easy to use, you may want to consider the Pongo Resume Builder. Pongo Resume Builder is a web-based application that creates high quality and properly formatted resumes in just a few simple steps.

The first step to building your resume is to input your basic information by answering a few simple questions and fill-in-the-black sentences generated by the resume builder. The resume builder uses proven templates for all types of career levels. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, Pongo Resume Builder will select the template that is best for you. Once you complete your profile in the resume builder, it creates a customized template containing information specific to your past occupations.

There are 32 different resume styles and you can change the format of your resume with a few simple clicks. Many people struggle to properly format resumes on their own. It can often be difficult to choose the right spacing or margins. Pongo Resume Builder takes the hassle out of resume formatting by allowing the user to save resumes in Word, pdf, text, and even html format. There is no need for expensive and tricky software to convert your resume to pdf. With Pongo Resume Builder you are free to convert your resume to any format the employer requires.

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Most resumes should also be accompanied by a cover letter. To meet the needs of those who need assistance crafting a cover letter, Pongo Resume Builder also features a cover letter module. Pongo’s Cover Letter Builder walks you through a step-by-step process to craft a professional and well-written letter. Pongo’s Cover Letter Builder contains pre-written sample text and expert tips and advice on how to complete each section of the letter and highlight your unique abilities.

It’s not uncommon for a job seeker to maintain multiple resumes tailored to fit multiple types of jobs. Pongo Resume Builder allows users to manage multiple resume profiles with ease. You can also use the program to create resumes and cover letters that mirror the unique hiring requirements for each position.

A professional-looking resume is only one part of landing a great job. Beyond the resume and cover letter builders, Pongo offers valuable support to the job seeker by providing more than 40 interactive interview tips through an online training program. The Interview Tips training module provides practical insight on everything from how to perform well on a phone screen to best practices for salary negotiation.

While Pongo Resume Builder is a paid service, the builder is free to try. With a free trial account you can sample the resume builder and some of the training modules at no charge. Paid subscribers have unlimited access and are able to print, download, email or even fax resumes from right within the builder. You can upgrade at any time. There really is no reason not to at least give Pongo Resume Builder a try.

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By Claude Cross

Start your Charlotte home shopping with this handy article!

Heres a look at three communities that are located just within the general Ballantyne district of Charlotte, NC. This wonderful location is near all one could possibly ever want.

The drive time a person may expect to have for virtually every one of the subdivisions is going to be something like this: uptown Charlotte is approximately forty-five minutes; the Charlotte Douglas Airport is about a half-hour; and Ballantyne ‘s just ten minutes.

These residential areas offer gorgeous homes with decent price levels and high ranking schools together with easy access to the Ballantyne areas various restaurants and retail galore, make these particular neighborhoods enticing to potential buyers! In the following paragraphs, well have a glimpse at some of these top selling areas and educate you on everything that you may find for ones dollars in Charlotte.

The three communities that we will showcase are Cady Lake, Reavencrest and Weston Glen. All of these residential areas offer you properties created with trendy touches like hard surface kitchen countertops, hard wood floors, and a heavy use of molding and sought-after home designs. Pulte Builders created these three developments. Well start out with Cady Lake.

In conjunction with neighborhood street lights over the walkways an area lake and trails, Cady Lake amenity area takes center stage with a neighborhood swimming pool area, tennis courts, club house together with play fields. To top it off, Cady Lake offers an energetic property owners organization that involves its inhabitants all through the year.

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Typically property price levels range from $300,000 to $450,000 having a heated living area running in between 2,400 to 3,400 sq. ft.

Not far away from Cady Lake is the well-known neighborhood of Reavencrest. This neighborhood, like Cady Lake, is a top rated seller ever since its inception, and continues to be so nowadays.

Charlotte houses inside Reavencrest had been developed in the early 2000s. Many include updated options with open flowing floor designs, generally bright and airy found on decent sized yards.

That is certainly another extremely good South Charlotte address sought after because of its schools combined with great community options, which involve a community clubhouse, pool, tennis and basketball courts, a play ground, countless sidewalks plus natural green space together with wooded sections for the deer!

What is definitely a unique element to this community, are the 3 particular areas inside of it. These contain;

The Arbours at Reavencrest- which features charming ranch and patio style houses of roughly 1600-2200 sq. ft. and normally listed beneath $225,000.

Reavencrest itself- with individual family homes of around 2000-3000 sq . ft . and selling prices anywhere between $200,000 and $300,000.

Town homes-with selling prices between $150,000 to $200,000 and around 1500-1800 square feet.

The very last development we are going to examine is Weston Glen. This is noted for being in the heart of Ballantyne, and is within just minutes of the area schools.

Weston Glen homes are of a generous size with livable space generally 2,000 to 3,500 heated sq ft, and housing costs are generally in the $250K to $325K range.

There is an attractive neighborhood club house; pool area kids playground for the home owners and like the others, Weston Glen boasts an energetic home owners association.

To expand on prior observations, for nearby shopping, youll come across three shopping centers which include Ballantyne Village, Stonecrest, Blakeney and The Promenade with merchants like Target, fantastic eating places, sports taverns, health clubs, financial institutions, grocers, movie theaters and the like.

The Mecklenburg County Public Schools serving these areas are excellent. For those who would prefer private educational facilities for your children, you will discover a lot of those within the area.

To summarize, these number one selling South Charlotte communities would be a solid place to store ones real estate investment dollar. In case you are hunting for properties in Ballantyne, these are great communities to begin your search with!

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. Claude Cross is Broker/Owner of Homes by Cross, serving the Charlotte NC real estate marketplace since 1994.


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