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Submitted by: Janet Pierce

I recently noticed the skin on my face and lower legs getting dimpled and visibly puckered. I immediately realized that it was cellulite and set out to look for a treatment. The antibiotics that are generally prescribed for the condition didn’t appeal to me because of the strong health risks they involve. That’s when I resorted to a friend’s advice and decided to try out acai berry diet to cure the condition. And amazingly, the food worked wonders for me. Here’s how:

1. Regular Consumption Of Acai Berry Helped

Cellulite is actually an accumulation of fat deposits that push against the connective tissue beneath a person’s skin. It is thus evident that it can happen to any person who has greater fat content in his body than the normal percentage. The cure to the problem then lies in fat removal off the system and nothing can work better and faster to burn the body fat than regular acai berry consumption. I consumed 1000mg of acai berry daily, divided into two doses and the food cured cellulite permanently and effectively in no time.

2. It Was A Natural Cure

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Antibiotics are usually prescribed to cure puckered, lumpy cellulite- ridden skin. Also, liposuction and mesotherapy are the suggested cures for the condition .However these are expensive, harmful and harsh on the system. Acai berry on the other hand was completely natural and thus warranted a ‘no-side effects-involved’ cure. Since the food is herbal, it is in sync with the system and thus promised to be a better alternative. And it indeed lived up to its promise.

3. The Results Were Permanent Too

Cellulite, if not treated well, has a tendency to return. Antibiotics, fancy salon treatments or medical treatments therefore provide temporary relief and are not sure-shot permanent cures for the condition. This provided acai berry with an edge over such procedures as it promised (and actually delivered) permanent results by ensuring permanent and safe fat removal. The food’s amazing fat burn and appetite suppressant potential further made sure that the excess fat was got rid off in the actual sense and that there was no scope left for the lost weight to resurface.

4. I Complimented It With Healthy Living

Since cellulite control lies in effective fat reduction off the system, I made sure that I supplemented acai berry usage with a healthy living. I took utmost care to cut down on my calorie intake by watching my diet, exercised regularly to enable easier fat burn and underwent colon cleansing to ensure that my system’s fat retention potential was reduced to a bare minimum. Believe me, these simple yet effective measures really helped.

5. I Used A Colon Cleanser

One of the main reasons why I failed to cure cellulite was because my colon was clogged with waste matter. In order to get rid of my waste matter, I started making use of a natural colon cleanse supplement. In a short span of time, I was able to get rid of blocked fecal matter, plaques as well as the parasites which were present within my colon. This improved my digestion and it also strengthened my immune system.

If you too want to get rid of cellulite permanently, try out acai berry and watch it cure this problem at warp speed. The food is completely herbal and thus provides for a natural alternative as against those ‘harsh-on-the-system’ antibiotics and treatments. Once you try it, the difference would be clear enough and would speak louder than my words.

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