March 31, 2018 · Food · (No comments)

byAlma Abell

The destination you choose for your wedding says a lot about the bride and groom before their marriage has even taken place. This is because the diversity of locations in which to hold a wedding or special event is always growing. However, not all of these venues may be exactly what you would want for your own special day.

When looking for a Banquet Hall in Miami in which to hold your party, many of these reception centers are way too casual for a formal event. You may also find that many of the more plush hotels and restaurants are not willing to work with a couple to make their party entirely unique.

Even expensive locations can have only average catering menus and may not have the capacity to feature extravagant desserts to accompany continental menu entrees. Their kitchen, room lay-outs, and staff members might be equipped to handle large parties. However, even if they can deal with a large group, they may not be able to plan everything from a cocktail hour to an all-out dance party.

This is why when searching for a Banquet Hall in Miami in which to hold their wedding reception, many couples find that they have been enjoying their first choice all along. The Villa Azur Restaurant and Lounge is known for the romantic dinners they have provided for people who value a beautifully decorated restaurant as well as a menu that takes one’s taste-buds by storm.

If you are not familiar with this restaurant and catering venue, a good way to begin is to look at their website located at This is not only good advise for those who are planning a wedding, but also special events or corporate parties in the South Florida area.

This restaurant and reception hall is decorated in such a way as to make one believe that they are actually in France. Adding to the vast choices in menu options is the fact that they have their own expertly appointed wine cellar. Their chefs are known for working with party and wedding planners to design a menu that will amaze. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, as party guests later become their best and most loyal customers.