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How to select types of dental crowns and their cost information in New Delhi India



How to select types of

dental crowns

and their cost information in New Delhi India

Aim of writing this article is to inform people about various types of dental crowns

, advantages of having a dental crown and cost of dental crowns,

A dental crown is a rigid cap which protects the underlying tooth structure and at the same time restores a tooth to its anatomical contours and functions. Why we need a Dental Crown:- It protects a week tooth or an R.C.T.

treated tooth from getting fractured.

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It helps in replacing large dental fillings when there isn’t enough tooth structure remaining. A dental crown can be used to improve appearance in case of abnormally shaped, mal-aligned, discolored or rotated teeth


Dental crowns are used to fill the gaps

in between the



They are used to attach a dental bridge

in place.

They are used to cover a dental implant


Types of Dental Crown

Before we move on to cost information about dental crowns, let us first discuss type of dental crowns

available in the market. There are two basic type of materials for dental crowns.

1.Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and all porcelain dental crowns

— are tooth colored crowns. PFM dental crowns are preferred by many people over all porcelain crowns because they provide more strength and are used in molar region, where there are heavy girding forces or when the original crown is very short.

2.All Ceramic or Full Porcelain dental crowns these crowns are more esthetic and are used primarily for the front teeth where the need for strength is not the prime criteria. The all-ceramic porcelain crowns used at dental centers include the IPS Empress Esthetics crowns from Ivoclar-Vivadent. Procera Nobel Esthetics from Nobel Biocare. Cercon Smart Ceramics Zirconium Crowns. General Information about Dental Crown

Many people wonder that how many days can a dental crown last. It is generally observed that a dental crown will last between 5 to 15 years, depending on once oral health. If you do not take care of your oral hygiene after having a dental crown, which is actually a good practice, you may suffer from gum disease and eventually tooth decay. A best dentist or best dental crown clinic in your area will definitely advice there patients not to eat any sticky foods which can pull off your dental crown. Other than this the dental patient should not chew any hard or thick food from the crowns. Any one who take care of there dental hygiene and above said things, there crowns will last longer than others. Cost Information of Dental Crowns — Cost of dental crowns varies largely based on the material of which they are made off and the laboratory which has made them. The overall cost of a crown genrally includes the experience of the dentist, location of the dental clinic and the country where you are getting your dental treatment done. The cost for getting a dental crown in New Delhi India is very less compared to the cost of dental crown in London / cost of dental crown in (Budapest) Hungry / cost of dental crown in Costa Rica / cost of dental crown in Thailand etc. The cost of PFM crowns is far less than all porcelain or all ceramic dental crowns. Cost of PFM dental crowns in India varies from 3500 to 7000 INR and that of all porcelain from 14,000 to 35,000 INR a crown depending upon the material used. It is my advice to visit 2 to3 dental centers or dentists on internet before finalizing a dental crown procedure.

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