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The Advantages Connected With Using Clip in Wall Plates


Kiera Sinclair

It is a fact of life, especially with the assortment of electrical items we use in our homes on a daily basis that there will be numerous cables. These cables, although a necessity, could become tangled and unsightly, attracting dust and dirt. Exactly how should we get round this problem, especially since the trend at the moment follows clean lines and an uncluttered look? Wall mounted LCD or plasma screen tvs has further added to this considering that obtaining this look requires cables and wires to be stored out of sight.

Euronetwork have the solution with their assortment of wall plates, which offer several valuable benefits. Perhaps most significantly wires can be routed through wall space leaving only the wall plate of your choice on display, generating a discrete point to connect your cables. This is helpful for office use too since most modern places of work suffer from similar cluttered cable issues. Wall plates can help to alleviate some of the problems related to running numerous cables across office workplaces. Tripping might be a hazard that could cause injury to employees and possible claims against employers.

Perhaps the only drawback to making use of a wall plate is the lack of flexibility. Once a wall plate is installed, the only method you are able to change the connections is to have the old wall plate taken out and a brand new one fitted which takes time and expertise if you do not really have any experience in this field. Well, this might have once been the situation but definitely no more. Flexibility is not really an issue as a consequence of wall plate clip in modules.

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Clip in modules can be found in three different types known as cut out, loaded and assembled. Offering module variations ensures that no matter what the application, there\’s a module to fit the bill. For instance, depending on your level of skill or need, one of these 3 varieties will be able to fulfil your specific need.

Cut out modules come without any form of connection or cable and therefore are all set for you to install the connector of your choosing. While these modules are the most elementary, they offer the greatest freedom for you to add precisely what you desire or need to the wall plate. However, since you only receive the cut out, understanding will be required to install the necessary connectors and cables.

Loaded wall plate modules on the other hand come with the connectors already installed making sure that all you need do is route the required cables and then connect them to the wall plate. This simply means that you\’ve got no need to fit these connectors yourself therefore the overall process is made easier.

Last but not least is the fully assembled clip in module. What this offers is the least complicated of all to fit and install. The reason being everything is fitted and connected for you from the connector to the cable. All you need do is then route the cable from one wall plate to another without any of the worry about connecting each module as this has already been taken care of.

The real attractiveness of making use of clip in wall plates is that if at some point you want to change the nature of your wall plate it couldn t be simpler because as suggested by its name the module just clips in and out. What this means is that if you wanted to, you could have several cables routed to a wall plate and then have different clip in modules for different purposes e.g. HDMI TV, SVGA, or perhaps USB. These can be interchanged as and when the need occurs.

Clip in modules are available too but in both single and double wall plate, formats and even coupler modules can be added in order to do away with the need to have to solder cables to the wall plate. Instead, the coupler simply push connects the cable to the plate. All this makes using and fitting clip in modules for wall plates an absolute breeze, not to mention entirely customisable.

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