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If you ve never looked into the possibility of taking a cruise, you ll be thrilled to find out just how many cruise lines give special discounts to the military. Savings range, with some cruise lines offering cabins absolutely free. Discounts apply to service members who are active, reserve, retired, or honorably discharged. All you need to start saving is your military I.D (or a copy of your discharge papers).

You can usually find information on cruise lines that offer military discounts by looking at booking sites like CheapOair.com or Onetravel.com. And don t forget to check for any flight and hotel discounts on your way to set sail. If you re very thorough, you can get a pretty decent discount, but the more folks you speak to, and the more questions you ask, the less you ll end up spending. Many companies are happy to provide service members with discounted rates even if they do not advertise them. So don t be afraid to ask. The worst they can do is say no.

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All cruise lines handle military discounts differently, so double check with your agent before you board. While some discounts are one-time only or apply strictly to active military personnel, others extend the savings to a service member s immediate family, or offer unlimited discounted travel. Still others may give smaller discounts to military family members. A couple of cruise lines offer discounts in other areas, like upgrades, travel insurance, and so forth. Your military ID may also get you deals at the ship s cocktail lounge. Always ask. Also, if you book your trip ahead of time and the price is lower at the time of your departure, you are refunded the difference, and if your trip must be cancelled, you ll receive a full refund.

If you are active duty, another option that will probably allow you to travel for free is to act as a guide on the cruise. Check with the travel office on your base to see if you might qualify, as cruise lines generally dole out a certain number of vouchers to several military bases, where the officers can pass them along to any takers. Inquire about discounted cruises when you go for your travel vouchers.

Do keep in mind that the best military discounts are often available during the times of year when we honor those who serve our country. Veteran s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day can bring special sales prices on vacation packages. What s more, booking around these holidays might remind the person booking your trip of your courage and selflessness, and cause him or her to go the extra mile to get you a great deal. Always scour military magazines, websites, and other publications to catch any seasonal specials that might be going on. And after all that hard work you ve done schmoozing and bargain hunting, you have definitely earned the opportunity to kick back, drink in hand, and listen to the sound of the ocean waves. Enjoy your next vacation even more by saving a few dollars along the way.

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