Options In Unbreakable Dishes

Options in Unbreakable Dishes


Misty Cryer

If you own dishes, you already know that having truly unbreakable dishes is really impossible. Dishes may be harder to break but if you apply the right amount of heat or pressure nearly all pieces can be destroyed. Parents of small children will back up this claim in a minute! That being said, there are dishes, which are so strong they are practically unbreakable dishes. Here are a few options and their popular uses.


Enamel Coated A camping favorite is the enamel coated steel dinner ware. These pieces are made with a special glass enamel coating that is fused onto steel or aluminum dish. This extra coating makes the dishes corrosion and heat resistant. Of course, variety of colors available in enamel ware doesn’t hurt either! The one downside to this type of dinner ware is heat; they tend to get a little warm on the bottom when you are serving up barbeque, so keep a few towels handy to protect your lap.Melamine Melamine unbreakable dishes are a popular choice for families with small children, they are practically shatter proof and easy to carry and clean up. These pieces are made of an organic base and chemical compound cyanamide mixed with resin. You must remember not to use these in a microwave or allow them to overheat as the compounds can break down releasing toxic fumes.Plastic Everything today it seems is made of plastic, as it is lightweight and cheap. There are many home and industrial uses for these polymer blends including unbreakable dishes. You can re-use most plastic pieces and toss those that are no longer usable since they are so cheap. Like melamine, these dishes will be vulnerable to heat damage so keep them out of the microwave and away from any heat source.Sturdy Glass There are times when plastic, enamel and melamine are not appropriate dinner ware, yet you still want dishes that will withstand a bit of rough treatment. This is where popular brands such as Corelle come in handy. First introduced in 1970 this is a brand that has stood the test of time for reliability and durability. If you are looking for cute dinner ware, made of glass that will stand up to your rambunctious family, this is one of the most popular choices.Baby Dishes When your toddler begins experimenting with eating, you can bet the dishes are going to fly! Babies love to shove bowls, plates and anything else they can grab off the high chair and into the floor. Perhaps it is a parent’s look of horror that is so delightful, whatever the reason for their games you need dishes that are going to take the brutal punishment a toddler can dish out (pun absolutely intended!). There are all kinds of baby safe dishes for you to choose from including licensed character plates, lovely pastels and more. Just remember these should never be placed in the microwave, even if they are rated safe, because baby could be injured.Conclusion As you can see, there are more than a few options when it comes to unbreakable or at least break resistant dishes. Many families have several of these collections for different uses and even throw in some paper dishes for good measure. Enamels, melamine, plastic, paper and baby dishes are all practical options for the busy, rambunctious and growing family. About Author Misty Cryer has more information about finding unbreakable dinnerware

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