How To Pick The Perfect Homeschool Math Curriculum}

How to Pick the Perfect Homeschool Math Curriculum


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Have you been busy researching for the perfect homeschool math curriculum? Confused with all the options, or having trouble making up your mind about which curriculum is best for you? Unfortunately, not all homeschool math curriculums are created equally. Some curriculums are teacher friendly, but others arent. Some use a spiral learning approach, while other curriculum rehearses one math concept in kill and drill detail before moving on to the next. So, how do you decide what is the best homeschool math curriculum for your family? Before you spend your hard-earned cash, answer these ten questions first to help you know what to look for in a homeschool math curriculum:

1. Does your state have any homeschooling laws for math requirements?

2. Whats your budget for purchasing a homeschool math curriculum? Does packaged math curriculum include all the necessary materials, or will you need to purchase additional worksheets?

3. What goals do you have for your childs math education? Do you see your child pursuing an engineering or finance degree, or just learning basic math facts for real-life skills?


4. Does the math curriculum include only elementary mathematics, or does it move through high school level algebra, geometry, and calculus?

5. Do you want consumable or reusable curriculum that allows you to teach more than one child?

6. Are you looking for a curriculum that uses a variety of hands-on manipulatives for teaching abstract concepts to a kinesthetic learner?

7. How much teacher involvement and preparation do you desire? Do you want a teachers guide that spells out every days activity in detail so you can more effectively teach lessons, or do you want your child to learn with self-paced, independent studies?

8. Is a video or DVD homeschool math curriculum right for your child? Is your child an auditory and visual learner who enjoys using multimedia software tools on the computer?

9. Does your child find black and white drawings and same page formatting boring and repetitious, or would he learn better with colorful, brightly illustrated workbook examples and exercises?

10. Does the homeschool math curriculum present material in a concise, organized way with real-life applications, while consistently reviewing concepts previously taught to ensure mastery?

Developing your childs understanding and love for math with the right homeschool math curriculum is vital for his success in todays high-tech and computerized world. Build your childs math confidence early by answering these questions and choosing the homeschool math curriculum that suits your family perfectly.

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How to Pick the Perfect Homeschool Math Curriculum}

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