May 7, 2018 · Medical Center

byAlma Abell

While it may not seem like you need to get your eyes checked if you haven’t experienced any vision problems, regularly getting an eye exam from an Eye Doctor in Boca Raton can help catch any eye problems before they get too serious.

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As time goes by, people’s eyes can change. Those who never needed glasses before as possible. Some eye conditions occur more often with older individuals, such as age-related muscular degeneration and cataracts. Because eyes don’t stay the same throughout the course of a person’s life, regular eye exams are important.

Next time you visit and Eye Doctor in Boca Raton and get a comprehensive eye exam you can expect it to be more than just the typical vision screening. These exams check more than the typical screening and are thus more likely to catch any problems. The eye doctor will test for crossed eyes, amblyopia, eye teaming problems, focusing problems and eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma as well as refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Regular eye checks by a doctor such as those found at can help save money by detecting high cholesterol, diabetic eye problems and high blood pressure as well as the typical eye problems, according to study results. Eye doctors can diagnose these problems early due to changes in the blood vessels in the eyes. So even if you don’t necessarily expect to find a vision problem, this type of exam can be beneficial for determining whether you may have an asymptomatic condition, allowing you to start treatment earlier and limit more serious health problems.

If an eye problem is detected, it can usually be corrected with glasses, contacts or surgery so people can maintain their vision at as close to optimal levels as possible. The earlier a problem is detected, the better as early diagnosis and treatment can help keep many problems from becoming worse and causing permanent damage to vision and health.

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