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By David H. Urmann

Prior to the invention of refrigerators or freezers, people used to preserve their food with the help of ice or snow.Freezing or refrigerating is the process of taking out heat from an enclosed system or from the body in order to lower its temperature.

The very first man made refrigerator known was first demonstrated by William Cullen in the year 1748 at Glasgow.But in the year 1805, Oliver Evans designed a cooling machine.

Basically there are two types of freezers viz.chest type and upright.Different freezers have different systems hence they exhibit different features.

Chest freezers are generally used for large households which require to stock food in large quantity.They are generally installed in garage or at store rooms due to their size.Chest freezers are also very useful for the people who store the food once in couple of months.These are considered as energy efficient and cheap freezers as compare to upright type.

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These are available in several sizes that range from 4 cubic feet to more than 20 cubic feet.This equipment is quite easy and cheap to run.This is due to the fact that the freezer opens from the top and hence the cold air is retained well as it has the tendency to move downward than upwards.

These exhibit removable baskets for storing smaller products and for separating different types of foods.These baskets can be customized for organizing the complete freezer.These are meant to retain the quality of food for longer hours.

The advantages associated with these freezers are that they are very economical to operate and very affordable to buy.Most of the latest models are all packed with the facilities such as fast-freezing, temperature warning system and are available with the highest grade of A++.

Upright Freezers are the best ways of going for deep freezing if it is required to keep the food for long time.They are available in form of frost-free and manual defrosts models.They are single unit freezers with the capacity that ranges from 2 cubic feet to 20 cubic feet.These consume very less floor space as compare to chest freezer.

The advantages associated with these machines are that the contents of the freezer are very easy to pack and organize.The drawback of the machine is that they are quite expensive as compare to chest freezer also the cold air can be easily lost due to leakage allowing warm air to enter.

These types of freezers are excellent for limited family.They comprise of several divisions such as slide-out baskets, shelves and compartments.This can be used for several processes such as storing milk products, freezing fishes etc.

Frost free freezer is free from freezer burn process.As it does not support ice crystal formation, one should be sure about the taste and nutritional content of the food.It also exhibits an advantage that it does not smell due to regular air circulation.

The main drawback of these machines is that they are very costly to operate.It also consumes much more power than upright and chest freezers.

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